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High ntoskrnl.exe cpu usage tagged to other cpu processes


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I have spent too long trying to fix this issue, and so am posting this here not to spend many more hours trying to solve it, but is just for informational purposes.

I cannot say if this is a bug or is something that can be addressed with a setting. If it can be addressed with a setting in Aida64 extreme, please let me know, and thank you.

In short, running the latest Aida64 extreme on an Asus Rog Strix scar 18, with a 13th gen CPU. Windows 11.

The issue is that when running Aida64 extreme (with a OSD panel), CPU system process (ntoskrnl.exe) when system is otherwise idle is at around 7-8%, and the system CPU process tags along to my system's cpu usage. So for example if I do something that uses 15% CPU, then the system process uses around 15-20% CPU on top of this. If I run a process that uses 30% CPU, then ntoskrnl.exe uses an additional 30-40% CPU on top, which means that my 24 core machine can only use approx. 50% of the available CPU (the other 50% gets chewed up by the system process).

This is not normal. I have aida64 extreme running on a Windows 11 desktop and the system process never goes above 1%. Ever.

Uninstalled aida64 extreme on my Asus laptop and voila! The system process goes back to normal, really never hitting even 1% even under heavy cpu loads.

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