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Created a personalised AIDA64 sensor panel but PC keeps on freezing randomly while gaming or even browsing the internet


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Hello AIDA64 community,

Would like some assistance please. So, I have just purchased AIDA64 extreme with its latest version. I created my own sensor panel and would always turn this sensor panel on automatically whenever my PC is switched on.

All of the PC's hardware are already updated in terms of their drivers and chipsets. This include the GPU and the motherboard. Windows 11 is updated. Here are the specs :

Motherboard : AMD ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

CPU : AMD Ryzen R9 5900 


RAM : 32 GB

OS : Windows 11


So, after around 1 hour of PC gaming or browsing, my PC would freeze. Display does not update and the only way I could get out from this situation is by hard resetting the PC. Then, after the PC restarted, I observed the sensor panel and noticed the GPU parameters are blanked out. I am also unable to view the GPU driver, AMD Adrenalin, anymore. So, I would need to uninstall and reinstall the AMD Adrenalin. This process is repeated each time the same situation happened.

Then, I set the Stability settings of AIDA64 to deactivate GPU sensors. The stability has improved, but it still froze at a later time. Realizing that there was an improvement, I decided to completely uninstall AIDA64. Ever since the program is uninstalled, there has not been a single PC freezing or crashing anymore.


I find this so weird. Does anyone else here share the same experience? How did you overcome this issue? I still need AIDA64 because the sub is already in effect.


Please do advise. Thank you.

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Thank you for responding to the original post, JariKoi. I have checked my monitor cables. It is a DP cable and it is secured well. I do not have another monitor cable, but ever since AIDA 64 was fully uninstalled, there has not been a single similar incident anymore. So, I am not sure if this issue is still hardware-related.


Noted. Will forward this post to Bug reports. Thanks. Appreciated :)


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