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Wrong CU count for AMD 7900 XTX with 6.92 and 7.00 in GPGPU Benchmark?


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For Nvidias 4090 the AIDA Tool is counting the 128 CUs. Seems okay.

For the 7900 XTX i expected 96 CUs because the System Summary also show it, but the Benchmark Tool is just showing 48.


Maybe the GPGPU tool is just "using/measuring" half of the AMD CUs or MAD capabilities and thats why the values for e.g. for IOPS (24/32/64) etc. for the 7900XTX are so much lower in comparison to the great and powerfull 4090 with 128 "CU", which has surprisingly no big difference or loss from 24bit to 32bit integer IOPS (but should have - see AIDA manual).
Or some values are just errorly doubled for the 4090?


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