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Help me with my Overclock?

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Im building my first rig here.

I have the P8Z68-V MB

I5 3570K Proc

Corsair vengence 1600 Mhz 16Gb RAM

H60 Corsair water cooler with push pull fan set up exhuasting to the rear

NZXT Phanton case with a 200mm fan top 2 120's side

my question is, all i can seem to get out of this chip is 4.5 Ghz and even at that i feel like im running a little on the hotter side.

So i have stress tested it for a couple hours. and i seem to be seeing around  85 C for spike highs, 76 degrees or so at average.

i believe im running about 1.33 volts

let me know what you all think, i would really like to see some more overclock out of this but ive reseated my water block a few times and i just dont think i have the cooling power to

get any more power out of it.

Thanks yall


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I'm not sure this is the best forum to be asking about overclocking. Maybe you should join overclock.net. Having said that, 1.3v is high for 4.5GHz. Does your chip really need that much voltage? What are you LLC settings?

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