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Help me with my Overclock?

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Im building my first rig here.

I have the P8Z68-V MB

I5 3570K Proc

Corsair vengence 1600 Mhz 16Gb RAM

H60 Corsair water cooler with push pull fan set up exhuasting to the rear

NZXT Phanton case with a 200mm fan top 2 120's side

my question is, all i can seem to get out of this chip is 4.5 Ghz and even at that i feel like im running a little on the hotter side.

So i have stress tested it for a couple hours. and i seem to be seeing around  85 C for spike highs, 76 degrees or so at average.

i believe im running about 1.33 volts

let me know what you all think, i would really like to see some more overclock out of this but ive reseated my water block a few times and i just dont think i have the cooling power to

get any more power out of it.

Thanks yall


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