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Stress Test: clocks, voltage etc. drop after 1 minute

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Hey, on my tests on my i7 1400K, everything within 1 minute is just fine. Temps of the hottest core are on 85°C the others between 70-80°C. (The CPU can go up to 100°C) Then after a minute everything cools down. Temps on 60°C while still on 100% CPU Usage. But also the Clocks go down to around 44000mHz even though they could go up to 5600mHz. The Power comes down from around 240W to 130W. Something is holding my CPU back and I don't know what. On benchmark tests it is also below average in the terms of the same i7 1400K around the world.
Maybe it is protecting itself to go higher than 85°C. Or maybe not enough power from the PSU. I "only" have 650W and hesitate to buy a 850W one 💸💸💸. I haven't set anything in the BIOs yet.
What do you think?

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