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My new desktop gaming pc doesn't seem new anymore...


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  I built a new pc, Ryzen 78000x3d air cooled, b650 tomahawk mother board, 990 m.2, 2. 16 gb z5 trident 6000mhz, 4080 Nvidia gpu with a support stand, windows 11.  I've been on this pc for around 2 months, then something happened....  Now graphically it isn't the same.  I've taken my newly built pc to 2 different pc repair places for them to say nothing is wrong.  But I remember when my pc graphically was that much better.  To the untrained eye you wouldn't notice the grain, but I always see it.  It happens when my gaming character would move.  The screen would get distorted.  Before the games would look exactly the same regardless of if I am moving or standing still, the image quality would be perfect to my eyes.   Fyi I'm on 1440p 165 hrz... I've tried other monitors, and the image quality is the same to rule out my monitor....

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