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System Stabilty Tests Error During "Stress FPU"

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Howdy, all.  I've been having some unexplained game crashes, and have spent the last two days digging into things.  All hardware tested good, so I rolled back my Nvidia drivers and thought all was well.  But I had a few more crashes, so bought Aida64.  I started the System Stability Test and it instantly failed.  Working the options I narrowed it down to the "Stress FPU" test, which throws a "Hardware Failure" error within seconds (see image).

When I tried to confirm this with the Intel Process Diagnostic Tool everything passes, including the floating point tests.

Does anyone have advice on different tests where I can confirm Aida's results?


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Update - seems most "gaming" motherboards enable some kind of overclocking by default.  When I disabled the "ASUS Performance Enhancement 3.0" I was able to complete the Stress FPU test.

This still does not explain why Aida64 was the only tool to diagnose any kind of FPU error...

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