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Windows Scaling - "High DPI" Settings Request with Examples!

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As we all know whenever Windows Scaling is used, the Sensor Panel breaks and it gets scattered. People have used Compatibility - DPI solution; however, that is not the 100% solution as it sometimes does not work at all.

I was surfing the internet and came across some settings which might be helpful or interesting for the developers.

I do not know if is it allowed to share links for any other software. That's why, I am not including the links; however, adding some screenshots that might be useful (I have removed the other software's name):











AIDA Developers may add this setting or options in the UI {if possible) so that one can easily use them to avoid any issues with the sensor panel scattering due to Windows scaling issues!

It is just a request as I felt like sharing it here just "Food For Thought"!

This update, if can be included would be a REVOLUTIONARY BOOM for everyone.

PS: If allowed, I will share the other third party software links (KB/Tutorial) which talk about these DPI settings in details :)

Thank you!


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