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Sensor Panel and LCD Panel freeze and TDR's


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Running Win 11 with a 5950X, 32GB 3600 DDR4 on a gigabyte Aorus Elite X570.
Latest Aida64 Extreme
Latest HWinfo Pro
Latest Aferburner
Infopanel 2.5

All RGB software removed or stopped from loading on start up.

Primary screen is a Samsung CRG9 connected via Display Port.
Secondary screen is a 1080p Samsung connected via HDMI.

Screens used for Aida64 inside my PC case:

8.8" HDMI for Sensor Panel
4.3" HDMI for Sensor Panel
3.5" Smatcool USB

So... recently i bought an RTX 4070TI Super to replace my RTX3080 and its been running great for a few weeks, then i bought an 8.8" HDMI screen and setup Aida64 Pro having just bought it with a license too.

For a week or two all was well.

Then i added a USB LCD screen and setup Aida64 to run it too.. it was after this i started getting random freezes in Aida64 while watching Youtube, the info on both panels would freeze and i could not open Aida64, no right click on the sys tray icon etc... If i killed Aida64 via task manger and re launch it, it would freeze instantly.

The only fix was to reboot or... unplug the USB screen, open the prefs and disable the screen and after that i could re enable it and all would work again for a while.
If i did not reboot there was a slight possibility of all my screens turning off and id be forced to button the PC.
This is typically with me just watching youtube shorts for an hour so but sometime less if flicking through a lot of Youtbe Shorts.

I have now added the 4.3" screen and i set the sensor panel to a size to allow the display across both the 4.3" and 8.8" as though they are one screen.
a weeks after adding it i now find that on top of the odd freeze still, i am now getting TDR's.. Time Delay Reset on my Graphics driver but i can run games for hours and benchmarks/stress tests with no errors at all. Its been a few weeks of testing various different setups/configs to try and narrow this down, i initially thought it was the LCD/USB but it freezes without it connected or enabled.

Turning off Aida64 and using just HWinfo, Afterburner & Infopanel i can still use the 2 HDMI screens i still get the TDR but no freezing Aida65 so far, so it looks like Aida64 might have a problem with my setup but there is nothing obvious in the windows event logs when Aida64 freezes and i cant find anything in Aida64 to offer any help with crash logs etc.

I have googled and tried turning off low level scans and turned off HW acceleration in Edge, drivers up to date after running DDU to clean the old drivers out and a few other tips from older posts as i cant find any recent on this issue im having.

My last thoughts on testing are disconnecting all the case screens now and see if i can get a TDR as that only started a week ago and is probably unrelated... so just adding to the trouble of finding faults...

But if anyone has any ideas as the Aida64 Freezing with the LCD connected and running that would help.

If there are any logs i can share let me know the path and ill get them checked/shared.


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