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I have run inventory reports on 2 separate weeks for a particular machine.  In the 2 resulting CSV files, there is a field called installed date.  However, when

I run the Change Manager against these 2 CSV files, there is no Install date field in the change summaries.  Is there any way to include this field when

producing the Change report?  For example,  it would be helpful to know that on Tuesday, there was a product called ABC version 1 that was installed on Feb 13,2014, but on the following Tuesday, there is now a product called ABC version 2 that was installed on Feb 16, 2014...  Knowing when these changes occured

- based on the install date -  would be very important information.



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Dunno if there are plans to add installation date to Change manager, but I can think of 2 workarounds you can use in the meantime. 


1) Check Software / Installed programs (in the tree menu on the left) on the given machine. Here installation date is provided for the majority of installed programs, at least, you'll have information about the latest version.


2) Run reports on a daily basis so that you can see when software updates occur. :)

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