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Audit Manager doubling machine count

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NOTE:  This is posted under the General Discussion Forum also - sorry about the duplication but I don't know how to delete a post....



I ran the Audit Manager and looked at the view called Statistics 2 (Wide).  Under Installed Programs + Version it shows Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 with the number 50 under the "N" column.  I'm assuming this is the number of machines that it found MS Office Enterprise 2007 on?

However, when I double click on that line ( Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 ), it pops up another window  called Statistics Detail: "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007"

that only shows 25 computers.  The number 25 is correct.  The number 50 is  not.  Why is it double reporting?




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Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, this was a bug. FinalWire fixed it in the latest beta release (4.30.2907), which you're welcome to try. To download the latest beta, you should either:


1) select "Stable and beta updates" in File / Preferences / General / [NetUpdate] Update type, and then click Help / Check for Updates. (In this case, you'll be using the beta instead of the latest stable version.)




2) go to the Download section on the website and select AIDA64 Business 4.30.2907 in the table listing the available beta versions. (Please note that you need to have a valid license or request a test license to proceed with the download.)

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