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ASUS X-99 Deluxe / AIDA64 "CPU Package" power


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New X-99 deluxe motherboard with Intel 5960X.


If I boot with "AI Overclocking" set to Auto, the AIDA64 cpu package power reported in the system stability test seems reasonable (30-50W near idle, peaks around 120W).


With "AI Overclocking" set to manual, but with the same effective settings (basically nothing is changed from the defaults), the cpu package power values are under .7, i.e., obviously off.


I saw other reports on this in previous versions, but nothing with the latest ASUS bios (13.05, 1/26/2015) or the lastest AIDA64 (5.00.3300, 12/8/2014).


Let me know what other details are required ...



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Okay, never mind, I found this thread, and finally read it through to the end (-:




All I can do now is confirm that the same thing happens with the 5960X on the ASUS X99 deluxe.


What tripped me up was that "AI Overclock Tuner" set to "Auto" and "CPU SVID Support" set to "Auto", the power is reported correctly, but changing "AI Overclock Tuner" to "Manual" while leaving "CPU SVID Support" at "Auto", the power is not reported correctly.  If I read the above thread correctly, this means that CPU SVID support at that point has been disabled.


So confusing, having "Auto", "Enabled", and "Disabled" settings.  Would be so much happier if the "Auto" setting would then tell me which value it intends to choose.

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