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troubleshooting 2wire178 network

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Hello guys and gals. Here’s my WiFi info not sure why my 2WIRE178 highspeed broadband/dsl mode isn’t working at all nor even showing up in the list of available networks. It should be connecting wirelessly LAN, and it usualy says 54mbps this one is wwan1, wwan2, wwan3, & wwan4 and all four are connecting at 150 mbps. Im in Louisville, KY and I go through IgLou ISP, LLC in which they provide a ATT U-Verse router brand named Pace Americas model 3801HGV. Anyone have any ideas I’d appreciate it. I’ve tried resetting the router, turned off all my devices including my Roku that’s connected to it as well but nothing is working I’m able to send this cause my mobile data. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

System >>>

Device Model: Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE (North America)

Device Type: Phone

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Product Name: RM-1073_1004

SKU: NOKIA RM-1073_1004


Device ID: a2a597dd-5f69-75e1-9b05-407fd378db2c

Hardware Version: 2.1.4.

Firmware Version: 02177.00000.15184.36016

Root Device Manufacturer: Nokia

Root Device Model: P6204_ATT

Root Device Category: Computer.Portable

Installed RAM: 1 GB LPDDR3

Internal Storage Capacity: 4856 MB

Internal Storage Free Space: 863 MB

External Storage Capacity: 29.71 GB

External Storage Free Space: 23.86 GB

<<< CPU >>>

SoC Model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (MSM8926)

Core Architecture: ARM Cortex-A7

Manufacturing Process: 28 nm

Instruction Set: 32-bit ARMv7

CPU Revision: r0p3

CPU Cores: 4

CPU Clock: 1200 MHz

<<< Display >>>

Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280

Technology: IPS LCD

Screen Size: 62 mm x 110 mm

Screen Diagonal: 4.98 inches

Pixel Density: 295 dpi

xdpi / ydpi: 294 / 295 dpi

GPU Model: Qualcomm Adreno 305

GPU Vendor ID: 4D4F4351h (Qualcomm)

GPU Device ID: 46363432h

Shared System Memory: 448 MB

Default Orientation: Portrait

User Interaction Mode: Touch

Full Screen Mode: Yes

<<< Network >>>

<< Bluetooth Network Connection >>

Profile Name: Bluetooth Network Connection

Connectivity Level: None

Domain Connectivity Level: None

IANA Interface Type: Ethernet

Network Authentication Type: None

Network Encryption Type: None

Sent from my Windows 10 phone

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