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Odin GT 800W PSU (solved)


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i bought Aida64 some weeks ago but just recently came across one strange behavior in the amps measurement. While the amps on 12V1 and 12V2 show the same values than gigabyte's powertuner, the 12V3 is much lower in Aida64 and the 12V4 much higher.

e.g.: Powertuner shows 9.3 Ampere on 12V3, Aida shows only 3.66A; Powertuner shows 2.2A on 12V4 while Aida shows 14.77A.

The values are completely different, so they can't be mixed up like 12V3 in powertuner is 12V4 in Aida64.

The same problem occurs in the wattage of these 2 rails (of course as they are just calculated values) and the combined power consumption also differs from powertuner.

I never checked the values before, so the problem probably exists since the setup of aida64 on my system.

I'm not sure, if aida64 shows the wrong values or if my powertuner version is outdated and shows wrong values. As i installed windows only some months ago and usually download the newest drivers and tools after installation, i think ptuner should be the latest version (unfortunately it doesn't show any version).

Aida64 version is 1.20.1150

wkr. Oberst.

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