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GS65 - Help with CPU/GPU thermal throttling using Throttlestop + AIDA64 to test


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I have a GS65 9750h with 1660ti, successfully undervolted to -.160 in throttle stop even though it reads -.164 in CPUID monitor but its stable. Also dropped turbo limits to 39,39,38,38,37,37 and it dropped package temp under load from 95/96C to 89/90C so I'm happy with that. Using AIDA64 as a stress test stressing CPU and cache only. Even with the undervolt I still got throttling until I dropped turbo limits so that was a big one. Now under 10min stress test I get zero throttling, dropped temps, and core clocks hold solid at 3.7GHz when stressing all cores.

Problem is, after the CPU stress test was successful I decided to add the GPU stress test to see how it acted. Initially CPU temps still held at 90C with the GPU around 75C and core clocks 3.7GHz. Then AIDA showed a temp spike to 95C after a couple min and started throttling and held the clock speed at 3.2GHz for the rest of the test.

NVidia GPU temps never saw a spike above 75C but I'm curious about why it decided to spike CPU temps out of nowhere and permanently throttle the CPU for the rest of the stress test. I wouldn't think I would need to undervolt my dedicated GPU since it never got above 75C under full load. Could it be the onboard GPU spiking temps and throttling clock speed? Not sure if I should worry about it since AIDA stresses both GPUs at once which I don't think the laptop allows under normal conditions. But I don't know how these laptops handle switching from onboard to dedicated graphics or when it happens etc.

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