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Hardware failure detected


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my system:

ryzen 5900x

asus tuf pro b550

samsung 3200mhz 16gb * 4

bios is updated with most recent version and all option are stock default: no oc options enabled whatsoever



When I run system stability test with cpu, fpu, cache, memory options, it stops usually within 10 min with this message: "Warning: Hardware failure detected: Test stopped"

But I could never replicate same error with cpu options only (including fpu, cache) or memory option only.

It only happens when I turned them all on.

I downclocked my memory at 2666mhz, and now the test is running 37 min without an error, so I guess it's probably memory related thing.

As I said it's all stock so I guess some of the hardware is faulty, but which one exactly?

Any guess?



Actually my memory was 32gb(16gb * 2) and I have run the test with them like 20 min and it was all OK.

It was same samsung memory but I refunded them and bought all new ones so I don't have that particular sticks..



I overvolted my ram at 1.35v then the problem is gone.

I only touched ram voltage and nothing else, does this mean I can rule out cpu as the culprit?

If so should I refund my ram or motherboard?

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