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Is there an INTERNAL USB video feed display?


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My computer has a 1080ti video card, but all the 4 out ports are used

So, can someone help me to see if there is a small monitor to be connected to the internal motherboard USB port not only for powering the unit but to receive the video feed too?

All the tutorial and how to's use an HDMI port but unfortunately it is impossible to me... :-(

any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Chumbaz

There are several USB powered mini monitors out there that will do what you want. I have a Mimo 720s that are powered by and receive video feed over USB. They are primarily used externally but a friend of mine has mounted one internally and used an adapter cable to connect it to a spare USB 2 motherboard header. It works fine and can be used just like a second monitor once connected, he uses his for a Aida64 sensor panel with no problem. Search for DisplayLink USB monitors and you should get some suggestions.

You could also get a USB to HDMI adapter and buy any of the numerous cheap HDMI screens to do the job as well.

Hope this helps.

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Sounds interesting. But would this put some sort of load on the GPU? I would like such a display, but the PC being primarily a gaming machine, I dont want any hit on graphics performance. I chose the BeadaPanel as it is USB and no draw on GPU. It is expensive, but is a quality display and works well. Maybe somebody with programming knowledge could modify the SDK to further the functionality. The BeadaPanel can output video, as there is a sample video and photos included in the SDK.

This is a beautiful display. It is too bad it is limited to Aida64 only. With that said, I am satisfied with it.

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