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Task scheduler delay keeps resetting


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I need aida64 to start after aquacomputer's aquasuite, aida won't recognize my liquid temp sensor and it won't show on my sensor panel. Because of this I configured the windows task scheduler to delay aida64 1minute instead of the default 10 seconds, and it works nicely.

The only problem is, after complete shutdown the preferences for aida64 keeps resetting in the task scheduler, so the next time I go in there after the pc has been shut off - the delay is back to 10seconds. 

Any idea how to prevent this "reset" of the delay setting?

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1 - Go to preferences > General > tick "Load AIDA64 on windows startup"

2 - Go to Windows Task Scheduler, locate "AIDA64 AutoStart" task and export it to XML file.

3 - Go back to preferences > General > untick "Load AIDA64 on windows startup"

4 -  Go back to Windows Task Scheduler, right click on root tree task scheduler and, on context menu, select "Import task option", point to the previous exported XML file and open it. Save as a task and rename it to anything other than orignal name "AIDA64 AutoStart".


And that's it. No more resets task settings on reboot!

Remember... After this procedure, if you want to disable AIDA64 auto start on Windows startup, you have to manualy disable this "custom" task on windows task scheduler.

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