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Sensorpanel freezes/no start/unresponsive


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*NEVER MIND* As soon as I log into Battlefield 4, V, or 2042, eventually sensor panel will freeze. Very frustrating.

I have a Corsair H115 Extreme and I was almost positive the "Freezing" issue was caused b/c of the Corsair devices or b/c I was running dev-channel Win 11. Long story short. After many months of trying to fix the issue; and, after updating to Aida64 6.5.5800 to no avail I decided to reinstall Windows. Windows 11 for sure and I have to use ICUE 3.38.61 for the H115i Extreme.

So I reinstalled Win 11 fresh from a USB. Botta-bing Botta-boom everything works flawlessly. I rebuilt my Sensorpanel; and, I am very, very pleased w/ the outcome. So if your having trouble w/ the Sensorpanel it just might be some corruption in Windows. Time to reinstall.



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