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Aida64 Sensor Panel


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I just bought a LCD screen with a resolution of 1280x800 but I mounted it in place of my rear exhaust fan so I had to mount it vertically. So the resolution is really 800x1280 and I can't seem to find any sensor panel downloads with that resolution. I've found 3 so far but the gauges are too small and I can't really read that text on the panel. I've tried searching through a bunch of pages on the "Aida64 Share Your Sensor Panel" page but I'm not having any luck. Their "search" feature brings up 5 results but only 3 of them are actually sensor panel downloads and those 3 are hard to read given the location of my sensor panel. Figured I would ask around and see if I can get any help cinema hd.

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Hi @krepslein there are actually quite a few 800x1280 panels available, but it seems that the upload files have had their names modified. Sensor panels should have the file extension .sensorpanel at the end, but some have a lot of other charectors added... just rename the file to .sensorpanel and you are good.

Here are a couple you can use to get you going, if you like them just find who made them and like their entry :) These for example were created by Racqn, but there are plenty more in the pages.

Racqn_rainbow_800_1280.sensorpanel racQn_vertical_800_1280_sensorpanel.9ece2979e1450998d21cb56e8ba41feb

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