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Advice for RGB gadget indicating temperature


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I'm keeping track of most of the release notes and I see more and more RGB devices are getting support, but I cound not find a comprehensive overview which vendors/protocols/devices AIDA64 actually supports to date, in terms of controlling RGB lighting.

My goal is to use just AIDA64 for measuring temperatures and controlling an RGB device that indicates it, classically from green to red.

This device has to be outside the PC case, may that be on/near the case or on the desk. Therefore LEDs located inside the case like Mainboard, Graphics, RAM and CPU-cooler are out of the question.

I think of a lighting strip, mousepad, or any gadget, it has to be simple and well-priced - hopefully well below 50 Euros because I need at least 3 of them.

Besides that I do not want that thing to run it's own software in background.

Thanks for your input!


PS: (New) keyboards and mice are no good, as long as there is no support for Sharkoon's RGB solution, or is there? Because I have just ordered 3 sets of Sharkoon Skiller SGK3 & Light2 200 - they basically have controllable RGB.

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Maybe it seemed to be too off-topic, but it's all about AIDA64. :)

However, I've connected my new Sharkoon input devices, but AIDA64 cannot control them. I don't know what this page should look like if it detects supported sensors, but I've tried to add these two anyway.



So I should concentrate on supported devices. The only one I see in Stability tab is Corsair Link, but I've read they are not keen in giving insight to you. Maybe that's not the case anymore? The Lighting Node Pro seems to be the perfect match, but I have hoped for a tad cheaper solution.

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