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custom gauges and bars


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why can't Aida64 do more custom gauges and bars as a add on at a small cost, so newbies like me can do more ,the standard in extreme is very basic, you have choice to have a circle gauge black or white,i would like to see more to change the style like with a needle and more colours within gauges and bars, also to have frames to box our meters with different shapes.there must be someone who can make a add on. please

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While that is helpful and its the best we can currently offer someone who asks this question, its really a poor solution to this problem. That forum thread is so freaking long you can click through it all day. We really need an aftermarket site that can list themes and elements for download. Being able to sort by resolution or color. Literally anything would be an improvement over that forum thread. Or Aida could actually include some gauges that are usable on a modern 1080p display

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