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Ability to make SET Color Groups


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I was thinking it would be really nice to set a specific Color as a Variable, So like lets say "Color A = #FFFFFF", but the when Modifying a graph I could set (Graph Color) to "Color A" and then add (text) that is also set to "Color A" and I could make lots of different things that all use "Color A".

Thus allowing me to make a color them throughout my panel and adjust it by simply changing "Color A= #FFFFFF" to "Color A = #55AAFF" and it would change all the colors accordingly.


I Also think it could be awesome if we could somehow make this variable dynamic so i could maybe have it say be blue accents while idle and yellow while overwatch is open... or something similar. I feel like this might be pushing the boundaries of what can be done, but i think overall making a Grouped Color or Set Color wouldn't be too difficult and would allow for an easier and more friendly way of being ale to theme things

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