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Result a bit low in L2 & L3 Cache with 12700KF Oc


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Hi there. Doing a memory and cache test, I see that the results in the L1 and L2 cache in the copy section are a bit lower than they should be, all the rest are correct. I have taken as a reference the results of another user with overclock and similar equipment, and as you can see I have a slightly worse result in the copy of the L2 and L3 cache and the latency of the L2 cache.

My result:


Result of similar equipment:



I'm using the latest version of AIDA 64. I attach a txt "CPUID & MSR Dump" in case it can help. My CPU overclock is totally stable with Cinebench r23 and 1 hour encoding h265 at 4k in Handbrake. The memories are also stable, almost 2 hours of TestMem5 with Anta777's absolout profile with no Errors.

Thank you in advance. Best regards

P.D - I have the lastest BIOS on my motherboard.

P. D 2 - Hyper V and VBS is disabled (virtualization is off in bios)


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