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1280 - 800 First Sensor Panel


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처음 만들었어.It's my first time making it.처음 만들었어.

1280 - 8001280 - 800

It's been a while since I touched Photoshop in a while.오랜만에 포토샵을 만졌어.

It was hard to make a sensor panel for the first time.처음으로 센서 패널을 만드는 것은 어려웠다.

I'm sorry to use a translator.번역기를 써서 미안해.

스크린샷_20220419-193222_원격 패널.jpg

RyuHyeolSin A.oslcd류혁신 A.oslcd류현신 A.oslcd혁신 A.oslcd.

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