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Time Man

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Hi folks im am not new around just ive been busy the last 6 years ,Building up my Owner PC.

I Have for ever wanted to learn how to properly Use the BenchMark.(if possible a Totur for a few question then ill be more theok and ofc .

In About one month ill go down working 3 days a week employes will do 5 haha.

My Specialty is Cyber Crime (computer Forensic for the Canadaian Law Enforment Assosiation) , haha like James \Bond im undreCover joke but almost true.

Ok back to my question . yea someone that would be ok with answring me a few questions ,i seriouls an in lack of days and time )id need 10 days in a week and 35 hours in a day .

Im a farst learner but am a visual Person .

Id seriously would want to learn a to z if that is even possible . In the Section or BenchMark.

Thank You all Folks .

I have been a Lurker theyt say on this Forum was has well playing 2 2 tables Aida and Everest before both Merged .

Regargs to all

Time Man

(time goes to Damn Fast i was 16 years old not so long ago im old now 4.... years old)

PS i didnt see an e-mail notification ,might already be one but didn't see it and if there are none IT's An Awesome Addon to the Site ( almost a Must these days with some may forums hard to keep Trace)

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