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  1. yes, it’s a strange limitation, but since it works like that, there’s no point in arguing...
  2. because the memory is called DDR (Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) that is, literally the carrier frequency of 2600MHz is doubled, but the program shows the main line frequency
  3. so that you don’t have to get confused in the names of the sensors, just put a text file in front of the double sensors, it will be displayed on the screen, and just hide the real name of the sensor
  4. I can delete attachments, but then aren’t they removed from the posts, why did I upload them for you then?
  5. I ask everyone to forgive me, but I can’t post the source files of the project, for a reason unknown to me, I only have 200 kbytes left, which of course the whole project doesn’t fit into, that’s just enough for a gif
  6. Just because of the 2% difference in overclocking, you have to give up an entire free video card..
  7. Question on an abstract topic, why do many people choose KF processors? I don’t think it’s because of the 20 dollar difference, and what’s most surprising is that it’s clear that in a cheap processor the built-in graphics doesn’t save the situation, but in a processor like the 13900K, is there really nowhere to fit a second video card? For example, I stream to Twitch through a second card using the QSV codec, the ideal solution
  8. the cheapest option, in my opinion and what I use, is a display from Raspberry Pi, there are a lot of different options and sizes, the only thing you need to pay attention to is that the HDMI input must be present, such a display cost me 20 euros
  9. you want Aida64 to display brighter colors, I understand you, that is, that the color palette should have more saturated shades, if so, then I already wrote, you should wait a little and you will have the opportunity to use ready-made solutions..
  10. in reality, modern processors are able to reduce frequencies much lower, it just happens at such a speed that no sensors or programs can monitor this, and don’t forget that the operating system also consumes something, and from this frequency constantly float, in fact, as I already said, there is no need to set the Gauge to the processor frequency; to effectively understand its operation, it is enough to set the processor load, and simply leave the frequency as a frequency number.. the panel is not an oscilloscope and not an accurate instrument for measuring vibrations the earth's crust, this is just a way to visualize processes..
  11. I haven’t examined OLED displays yet, but judging by the technology, these matrices should be quite transparent and not require backlighting if you remove the rear diffuser.. but I could be wrong, due to the fact that I haven’t had the opportunity to work with such displays yet.. just do not confuse QLED these are different principles
  12. I put 80 degrees the maximum, because it is more convenient to watch the red indication on the panel, but who does not make sense on air cooling, because they do not need to monitor the pressure of water ..
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