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  1. Ah... this is exactly what I am getting with AVG... and I did remove the file ;-)
  2. Squall --> There are times when I could subscribe to your view of AVG LOL For now, that's what I use (subscription)... once expired, I will definitely consider something else ;-)
  3. Interesting as it captured the file twice and moved it to the VAULT at my request. It exists! However, I misidentified the file as "aida_dll.dll". It is "aida_zipdll.dll" I am looking at the contents of : "aida64extreme_build_2036_mxyv0c7zkw.zip" I downloaded on July 11 and when I look into the zip file, I see "aida_zipdll.dll Application Extension 7/10/2012 6:15pm 83,856" So that DLL is in the ZIP package which I downloaded from your site. I can E-mail the ZIP or anything else to you if needed. By the way, I let AVG remove that file (now in the vault) and AIDA works just fine.
  4. Just following-up... any news on the enhanced Win7 Widget GUI? It's been 4 months now ;-)
  5. I am one of those who was transferred from Everest Ultimate to AIDA64 1.20. My AIDA64 license states that it expires in Sept 2011. This being said, please advise if I can upgrade to 1.5 under the same license? I am under the impression that my existing license is valid for all 1.x updates and that I would need to have a new license when you release 2.0
  6. <-- BTW, those who wonder what my avatar is all about, well, I am an Android fan and I have "soft-bricked" my phones many times. That's probably how I look when I just "bricked" a ~$500+ phone
  7. Looking forward to see this new feature ;-)
  8. Just to chime in, I converted from Everest Ultimate to AIDA64 without any problem. I supplied my recently renewed license key and FinalWire sent the new AIDA key within a few minutes. Everything seems to be working and the AIDA64 Win7 gadget is reporting my system's status as Everest did. It is ironic that I am back to AIDA, which is what I was using before Lavalys Everest took over (yes... I have been a long fan of Fiery's efforts ;-)
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