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  1. regards I'm using AquaSuite 2015 v.3 for Aquastream xt, and if I can see some values AIDA64 sensores.en. but not (cover flow and HZ) and the last option current values does not match AquaSuite. greetings and thanks
  2. Thanks for answering And the statement to logitech the problem is, as active arx, control, from, AIDA64, that's when logitech program closes. thanks very good job. also showing web. smooth
  3. hi great work you do. above shows is ok, but does not show all the options for design. in the window, editing of AIDA64 shows all options but on the phone, mobile, or tablet shows no Gauge and graph regards
  4. excellent news that you support, arx logitech control. if my participation in the forum is not much. is that to translate from Spanish to English, my explanations or questions are not very understandable. greetings haceis a great job.
  5. Thank you again. I feel bad explanation but I have to translate Spanish to English but it's a shame I show the information in Lcdhost AIDA64, To Elcontrol audio. and I hate what it takes to upgrade. thank you very much.
  6. Thanks for answering but then for serves to update the values ​​I have in to 500 ms in preferences and refresh (ms)?? regards
  7. Hello happy new year AIDA64 LCDhost screen display and G19 Testing master volume update data is incorrect when moving volume takes about 2 or 3 seconds to update. I have set to 500 ms in preferences and refresh show an image http://i58.servimg.com/u/f58/17/28/04/23/aida6410.png
  8. Hello regards Does not have any so that data displayed on the G19 is delayed does not update every second the configuration is set for a second
  9. Fiery if I've changed and remains the same and put all of 1 second
  10. Update of data not correct I'm trying to buy Aida64 update data but is slow to show not in real time e and set the update page but still the same. The data for display on my G19 is not updated in real time for example the clock does not give the correct information
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