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  1. Maybe you can use counters from Performance Monitor: VM Processor \ Effective VM Speed in MHz VM Processor \ % Processor Time
  2. Hello, Please add realtime CPU frequency detection inside virtual machine (ESXi). Currently AIDA always show base frequency.
  3. Hello, Please add HPL and HPCG benchmarks for direct comparison with supercomputers )) HPL https://www.top500.org/list/2017/11/ HPCG http://www.hpcg-benchmark.org/custom/index.html?lid=155&slid=293
  4. AIDA64 5.97.4600 Help (F1) Benchmark guide still do not updated about using extensions AVX-512
  5. Fiery Did I understand correctly that in the reference results you publish the base frequency, but the benchmark itself is performed at the turbo frequency? In my opinion this is an incorrect approach, which is misleading. Some processors have a very high turbo frequency (up to +200% to Base), but it works very short time: In my opinion, you should publish the Turbo frequency, or increase the benchmarks time to several minutes.
  6. Hello, Can AIDA64 measure performance of Tensor Cores?
  7. 1) Single-core benchmarks are very popular in reviews this year for comparing different microarchitectures (Sky lake vs. Kaby Lake vs. Coffee Lake and Ryzen vs. xxxLake). It will increase the reference benchmark results database only twice. 2) Maybe you'll write an additional benchmark specifically for "single-core mode"?
  8. Hello, 1) CPU benchmarks have "Parameters" and we can select single-core mode (1 CPU). But Reference Results remain multi-core. Please add single-core Reference Results also. 2) Please add single-core mode also for Memory benchmarks.
  9. AIDA64 v5.95 still does not support AVX-512?
  10. Hello, "FPU VP8" benchmark is very strange and do not scale on multi-core systems. May be replace it to a more common HEVC encoding?
  11. I am disappointed. In my opinion, the benchmark should come out no later than the release of a new processor with new instructions (for this, there are engineering samples). Very bad news - all new reviews with AIDA64 show incorrect data and do not show the real potential of the processor:
  12. OMG! But why??? CPU with AVX-512 released a year ago.
  13. Hello, Why AIDA64 Help (F1) Benchmark guide do not updated about using extensions like SHA and AVX-512?
  14. MAA

    Comparison lists

    Why AIDA do not have Ryzen results anymore?
  15. As i see in AIDA 64 Help: "CPU Hash This integer benchmark measures CPU performance using the SHA1 hashing algorithm" But many cryptocurrencies uses double SHA256. Also, many cryptocurrencies uses another hash algo.