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  1. Hello, Why "Motherboard Physical Info" section is absent on notebook Lenovo B560?
  2. Hello, Please add measurement of the CPU frequency during the benchmark. And show the value Score/GHz.
  3. Hello, Please add network benchmark (like Iperf) to Tools
  4. Hello, please add information about the allocation of memory modules by memory channel. to see which memory module is on which channel.
  5. But why don't you like "hardware acceleration"? Especially since this is not real hardware acceleration, but only extension to the x86 instruction set architecture.
  6. Very strange explanation. Why then do you use AES-benchmark? He also uses acceleration.
  7. Hello, Please add measurement of the consumed power during the benchmark. And show the value Scores/Watt.
  8. But why did you do SHA3 instead of SHA2? sha2 is used much more often than sha3. also sha2 is hardware accelerated in CPU. sha3 NO.
  9. Hello, Is the disk speed test (Tools - Disk Benchmark) compatible with Windows virtual machine (VMware ESXi)?
  10. Hello, Please add info about bus width and clock for each cache L1/L2/L3/L4, and info about type (exclusive, inclusive).
  11. Hello, Why you don't benchmark the latest Intel processors? Your last tested processor is i7-8700K from Q4'17. P.S. And why 16x Ryzen9 3950X has a significantly lower result than 8x Ryzen7 1800X in PhotoWorxx?
  12. Hello, Please add info about available timers and their clocks (RTC/ACPI/QPC/HPET)
  13. >> As a hashing algorithm, SHA1 is obsolete. SHA1, but not SHA2. NIST does not currently plan to withdraw SHA2 or remove it from the revised Secure Hash Standard.
  14. Hello, why did you remove benchmark for SHA1/SHA2? this benchmark could be hardware accelerated https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_SHA_extensions
  15. DumpEDID shows not complete information? What simple utilities can show full info?
  16. I used DumpEDID, but i do not see "Maximum Pixel Clock" or "Video Bandwidth" info. How do you get this information (170 MHz)? D:\Distr\nirsoft\dumpedid>DumpEDID.exe -a DumpEDID v1.07 Copyright (c) 2006 - 2018 Nir Sofer Web site: http://www.nirsoft.net ***************************************************************** Active : Yes Registry Key : DISPLAY\BNQ78DB\4&1a6469cc&1&UID52830976 Monitor Name : BenQ GW2270 Serial Number : A9J02231019 Manufacture Week : 37 / 2018 ManufacturerID : 53513 (0xD109) ProductID : 30939 (0x78DB) Serial Number (Numeric) : 21573 (0x00005445) EDID Version : 1.3 Display Gamma : 2.20 Vertical Frequency : 50 - 76 Hz Horizontal Frequency : 30 - 83 KHz Maximum Image Size : 48 X 27 cm (21.7 Inch) Maximum Resolution : 1920 X 1080 Support Standby Mode : No Support Suspend Mode : No Support Low-Power Mode : Yes Support Default GTF : No Digital : Yes Supported Display Modes : 720 X 400 70 Hz 640 X 480 60 Hz 640 X 480 75 Hz 800 X 600 60 Hz 800 X 600 75 Hz 832 X 624 75 Hz 1024 X 768 60 Hz 1024 X 768 75 Hz 1280 X 720 60 Hz 1280 X 800 60 Hz 1280 X 1024 60 Hz 1280 X 1024 75 Hz 1600 X 900 60 Hz 1680 X 1050 60 Hz 1920 X 1080 60 Hz ***************************************************************** D:\Distr\nirsoft\dumpedid>
  17. Yes, that's what i'm talking about. Why AIDA does not show this information?
  18. But Windows can: https://support.hp.com/doc-images/953/c01906076.jpg
  19. Hello, I have monitor BenQ GW2270HM As you can see in datasheet, Video Bandwidth = 205 MHz https://www.benq.eu/en-ee/support/downloads-faq/manuals/datasheet/monitor-datasheet-086.html and now i'm using mode 1920*1080@70Hz But, AIDA show incorrect info: Maximum Pixel Clock 170 MHz 1920 x 1080 Pixel Clock: 148.50 MHz
  20. Hello, How to see the current drawn by the device connected to the usb port? I do not see this info in Devices\USB Devices:
  21. Maybe you can use counters from Performance Monitor: VM Processor \ Effective VM Speed in MHz VM Processor \ % Processor Time
  22. Hello, Please add realtime CPU frequency detection inside virtual machine (ESXi). Currently AIDA always show base frequency.
  23. Hello, Please add HPL and HPCG benchmarks for direct comparison with supercomputers )) HPL https://www.top500.org/list/2017/11/ HPCG http://www.hpcg-benchmark.org/custom/index.html?lid=155&slid=293
  24. AIDA64 5.97.4600 Help (F1) Benchmark guide still do not updated about using extensions AVX-512
  25. Fiery Did I understand correctly that in the reference results you publish the base frequency, but the benchmark itself is performed at the turbo frequency? In my opinion this is an incorrect approach, which is misleading. Some processors have a very high turbo frequency (up to +200% to Base), but it works very short time: In my opinion, you should publish the Turbo frequency, or increase the benchmarks time to several minutes.
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