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  1. @Fiery: As always, you are being kind to me. I shall do it; and thanks, again!
  2. @Fiery:Firstly, thanks for the detailed explanation, which has helped me understand AIDA64's capabilities, at the very least a little better. All of your points and observations are indeed well-taken, and I am seriously contemplating just such a path (i. e., going with Intel Galileo/Edison Arduino boards, Phidgets, etc.) forward, although it certainly means that I have some serious programming hurdles ahead of me! Needless to say, it will take me some time to surmount these hurdles; so please bear with me. (I am still awaiting answers from some of the prospective suppliers.). Also, it app
  3. @Fiery: Sorry for the delayed response! You have given me a lot of food for thought! Aquacomputer's Aquaero does accept data values (written through the WMI) from AIDA64 via its USB connection to the host PC. On a cursory review of the Aquaero's manual, it appears that it can only accept "temperature" values from the likes of AIDA64. Ideally, I would also like a USB interface between the sensor and the host PC, and it appears that this should not be a problem (especially with the Phidgets device that you suggested; and the IOWarrior also seems to be amenable). I will have to check with A
  4. @Fiery: I went through the websites suggested by you. To be sure, I had not even heard of those, but as you said, they are pretty enterprising. Only one of them offered a temperature/humidity sensor (Phidgets at http://www.phidgets.com/products.asp?category=35&product_id=1125_0) with an analog output), but I am surprised that AIDA64 does not support even that. Is there a reason for it? Right now, I am at a loss! Any thoughts? (Did you get a chance to read the attached PDF files?) Thanks, pal!
  5. @Fiery: Yes, I did see that review, and it is no exaggeration, in my opinion. (I have a few German electronic products, sales of which would dismally fail, but for their excellent technical support people!) Sadly, that seems to be the problem with a few of the German (despite their "undisputed" engineering prowess) "technologists." I am going through the sites (and their products) that you suggested. I just want to make sure that I read them thoroughly and carefully before asking you stupid questions. Meanwhile, the IOWarrior56 has apparently been customized for this Sensirion hu
  6. @Fiery! You are the best! How have you been? Yes, I did come across USB-based interfaces that would allow me connect I2C devices (and of course, you have Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other micro controllers, even Intel has one - Galileo). The USB one that I came across is made by Code Mercenaries out of Germany ( IOWarrior series) http://www.codemercs.com/index.php?id=141&L=1. If I were to to get this - http://www.saelig.com/I/I019.htm - then would AIDA64 display the "sensor values"? Could you please let me know? Code Mercernaries apparently have a lot of their documentation and other
  7. Hello, folks! Firstly, forgive me if I am asking a question that has already been asked and answered. I searched the forums here, to no avail. I am currently in the market for a humidity/temperature sensors ( e. g., Sensiron SHT75, Honeywell HH9121, etc., but I have not yet settled on any). Most of them use digital (PC, I2C, SMBus (?)), although some use analog (voltage)). I prefer to use the digital-output type. Does AIDA64 "read" these outputs, and what needs done? Could you guys help me? Thanks in advance for all the help!
  8. @Fiery: Sorry for the delayed reply. Let me asnwer your question, first: This computer has Windows 2003 SBS. (Old, huh?! ) Oh, well, this thing still works, and I am planning to upgrade it to Windows 7 Pro, soon. (I cannot upgrade it Windows 8 for obvious reasons.) An update: I had to completely uninstall the AIDA64 program, and reinstall the stable version. Thanks to you, I backed up the aida64.ini file. I then installed the latest "stable" version of AIDA64. (Right after installation, there was no aida64.ini file in the installation folder; so, I suppose that one is created o
  9. @Fiery: I neglected to let you know that only the AIDA64 icons are screwed up; none of the other Windows icons is!
  10. @Fiery: The first suggestion did not work - i. e., no change - all the icons were still mismatched and/or missing; so, I am going to try the second approach, with a slight modification. Basically, I will unistall the AIDA 64 application, and reinstall a fresh copy of the stable version. I will post the results. Thanks, again!
  11. @Fiery! Thanks for the prompt response. I shall try your suggestions and keep you posted. Again, thanks for all the help!
  12. Hello, @Fiery! I am having issues with the latest beta release (Version 2.85.2454). Apparently, after this installation many of my sensor icons are either missing, or totally screwed up (i. e., the original, "meaningfu" icons are replaced by unrelated, "meaningless" icons, or altogether missing). Is this an issue with this particular beta release? (FYI, I am using a paid version.) How do I go back to "stable" version, other than uninstalling this beta version and reinstalling the software. If this uninstalling the beta version (and reinstalling the stable version) is the only route th
  13. @Fiery: As usual, you are pretty quick, and thanks for teaching me! On crucial SSD temperartue monitoring, for some reason, I vaguely recall seeing (suing the previous versin of AIDA64) the temperatures for that device! (Perhaps, I am "imagining things!)
  14. @Fiery: Thank you for the quick response! (By the way, what is "AFAIK"?)
  15. I have paid version of AIDA 64 Extreme Edition. I have the same issue with my SSD - Crucial M4 512GB; Asus Maximus V Extreme motherboard with i3770K processor; Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit. I do see the SMART information, but not temperature, etc. Can you guys point me down the right path, please? (As you ca see, I am a newbie, here!) I have attached the sensor - SMBus Dump and ISA Sensor - debug (text) files. Thanks in advance! isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
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