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  1. 1280 × 800 on Nexus7 with Odospace
  2. Thanks to joransrb for Inspiration
  3. Excuse me that I only have a little practice in speaking English. Here the Backgroundpicture, Gauge and a exportet Sensorpaneldata :-) Sensorpanelpre ( Sorry, mein Schulenglisch ist schon 30 Jahre her, ich habe hier das Hintergrundbild, die Skalen und ein exportiertes Sensorpanelfile. Ich hoffe ihr könnt damit was anfangen :-) ) Gruß Michael
  4. Please excuse my English school was 20 years ago Thanks for the Great performance that your team delivers here . Will it even be possible to operate the display vertically so that I could block the display standing ? Greeting Michael
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