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  1. I sent you back the updated version at 4th March, please check that.
  2. In your custom report file (aida64.rpf) you always need to enable the Computer / Summary page. So the RPF file need to contain this line: InfoPage="Computer;Summary" Also check your Preferences / Summary page and make sure that the "Computer Name" is enabled. The "report" table contain the reports list. The "item" table contain the report details including the computer names. These tables linked through ID and ReportID columns.
  3. You need to setup a database in File menu / Preferences / Database. More information about it: https://www.aida64.co.uk/user-manual/database Don't use the "[" and "]" characters and don't use spaces in the path, and you can't combine these commands, so you can use these one by one: ..\aida64.exe /R /CSV \\test-aida-001\C$\Shares\AIDA64\Reports\$HOSTNAME /CUSTOM \\test-aida-001\C$\Shares\AIDA64\aida64.rpf /ACCEPT /SAFE /SILENT ..\aida64.exe /CSV2SQL \\test-aida-001\C$\Shares\AIDA64\Reports /SAFE Or use /DATABASE parameter instead of /CSV to create reports instantly to the database
  4. Hi Tod, We need more information to resolve this, please send: - a log file, using "-l <filename>" parameter - a report CSV file - the "mount" command output information If you don't want to publish these file please send these to our support@abseira.com e-mail address.
  5. I checked the attached files, these are ok. The report creation is success without errors. If you load the CSV file using Audit Manager function, you can see the results clearly. This Linux extension create a similar report as the "Summary" page in AIDA64.
  6. Please, send me the CSV report file and the debug log: -dDebug mode. Saves lshw debug information into an XML file in the current (or specified) directory. It is recommended to use it together with “-l”. Thank you!
  7. Hi Petr, Please check our UK site, where you can find the documentations: https://www.aida64.co.uk/linux-extension-aida64 I think these will help solve your problem, but if not, please let me know. Best, Peter
  8. We fixed the issue, please download the latest version of Linux Extension: https://www.aida64.co.uk/linux-extension-aida64 Unfortunately, the dates of your older reports won't work.
  9. We updated the Linux extension, please check and let me know the results. Thank you! https://www.aida64.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/download/installers/und/linuxextensionforaida64.tar.gz
  10. Hi Tod, We are working on the problem. I will notify you about the new release.
  11. Hi BingoXL, Please check that this one client PC able to store the report creation time. For more find "Schedule" section on this page: https://www.aida64.co.uk/user-manual/report-0 How do you schedule the aida64.exe startup script? Also, please send for me the parameters that you use after aida64.exe. Additionally, watch the videos on these page, may will help you: https://www.aida64.co.uk/knowledge-base/how-automatically-inventory-your-pcs-domain-using-gpo https://www.aida64.co.uk/knowledge-base/how-create-reports-pcs-not-connected-company-network
  12. Hi! Could AIDA64 start in the background, you see it in task manager? If yes, then try to run the AIDA64 whitout parameters on 10.1.2.X PCs, and test the Database connection (File menu / Preferences / Database), when it work well create a test report with Report Wizard (Report menu / Report Wizard / Select ADO at report format page).
  13. Hello If we get a warning message on the client computer notifying us that the PCs cannot connect to the server, or there are problems with the connection, we need to run the following command on the SQL Server. This will open port 1433: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="SQL Server" dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=1433 If you use another firewall software, the configuration similar as the cmd command.
  14. Hi Kyle, The settings seem ok. You can read about the database initialization and other in this document (read section 3.7.4): http://www.aida64.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/download/documents/en/aida64business-manual.pdf
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