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  1. Hello, I have the problem also for three weeks ... CPU Tempreratur reading is suddenly standing at 52C degrees. CPU Package CPU cores and be read normally. Only a restart of the computer fixes the problem. In addition, the ausgelsenen temperature values ​​of the CPU and CPU package to a degree Celsius are equal Borad is a X79-UD5 Bios F13s and an Intel Core i7-3930K. AIDA64 AIDA64 v3.00.2552 Beta is the latest. Is there a solution to this problem? Thank you google translation
  2. Hi, The problem I had too. I found out when I copy the ini file from the previous beta version Aida Aida in the current beta version of the HDD's are not displayed. I leave in the current beta version of the original Aida ini file, all HDD's displayed. Now I have but unfortunately all my settings in Aida new make / adjust. This takes time. Greetings google translation
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