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  1. As this actually is my area of expertise, that is exactly correct. While it can be supported and some iteration implemented, it is still in proposal and pre-draft stages.
  2. Thank you for that suggestion Fiery. I did uninstall then run from the zip package and didn't have a single error today. Consequently I did download the stable and had it auto-update to the beta and got the same issue - I am not sure if my system is borked that or it is just a glitch but either way... the zip itself works great for me. Thanks
  3. Beta 2505 (as well as stable) report varying voltages for cpu in sensor vs aida cpuid. ASUS Z87-PRO EFI/BIOS 1007 i7-4770K
  4. This may or may not be related here, but I get an access violation on each startup using beta 2505. I usually have to retart 4 or 5 times before it loads properly. Attached is a picture of the fault. ASUS Z87-PRO EFI/BIOS 1007 i7-4770K
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