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  1. Hello Fiery, it is working great. Thank you for the fast change.
  2. I have enabled "Battery Charge Rate" (Aida64 -> System stability test -> Preferences -> Power) and tried to display the discharging rate with the graph, but because we cannot set negative values (Min. value >= 0), the results are not visible. We can only show/view values beginning with 0 watt. So it would be nice, if we can set negative values for an upcoming Aida64 release.
  3. Hi, it is working now as expected. Thank you for the fast implementation / changes.
  4. Hi Fiery, I have done some tests. I updated AIDA64 an run one liniear test run, copied the values to LibreOffice Calc. = working Then I started a second run with another block size, copied again to LibreOffice Calc = there is still the first copied value in the clipboard I closed Calc and AIDA64 and started both again. Now I run two linear test runs and copied the value to Calc = there are still the values of the first run in the clipboard So I think, if more than two runs was done, the copy function is not working.
  5. Hi AIDA64 team, I would like to have: a) Read Test Suite - Possibility to save the results as CSV file and not only as PNG Read Test Suite - Possibility to select more than one block size, so we can run the tests in a "batch mode" (without to change the block size after every test run manually) Thanks Currently I use AIDA64 v5.70.3837 beta (Disk Benchmark v1.06.09)
  6. Now supported with Version: 3.20.2651 (Nov 06, 2013) Storage / ATA / Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions detection Storage / ATA / Device Initiated Interface Power Management detection Storage / ATA / DEVSLP detection Storage / ATA / Hardware Feature Control detection Storage / ATA / Host Initiated Interface Power Management detection Storage / ATA / HPA Security Extensions detection Storage / ATA / Hybrid Information Feature detection Storage / ATA / IDLE IMMEDIATE With UNLOAD FEATURE detection Storage / ATA / Link Power State Device Sleep detection Storage / ATA / NCQ Autosense dete
  7. Hello I'm missing the WDDM driver version in Aida64 (v3.00.2594 Beta) that is visible with dxdiag.
  8. Hello, LAV Filters ( http://code.google.com/p/lavfilters/ ) has a Intel Quick Sync detection. I hope it can help to add it to Aida64.
  9. Hello I heard/read that Windows 8.1 64-bit needs the following CPU support: - CMPXCHG16b - LAHF/SAHF - PrefetchW (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/preview-faq) CMPXCHG16b and LAHF/SAHF I can find in the Aida64 CPU Instructions set list, but not PrefetchW. Does it have another name or ist it missing ?
  10. Thanks for your efforts!
  11. Hello, I just found this technology called M-Disc. http://www.mdisc.com/what-is-mdisc/ http://www.mdisc.com/m-disc-ready-drive/ If possible, add it to the Storage -> Optical Drives -> Optical Drive Features Because I don't have such a drive, I cannot send you dumps with these values. I hope that someone can send you such dumps. Thanks
  12. Hi, what about this ? serial-ata-ahci-tech-proposal-rev1_3_1.pdf page 9ff Offset 44h: PxDEVSLP – Port x Device Sleep bit = 1 Device Sleep Present (DSP): If set to „1", the platform supports Device Sleep on this port. If cleared to „0‟, the platform does not support Device Sleep on this port. Else can you try to contact james.a.boyd@intel.com ? My experience is not enough to ask the right questions :-)
  13. Hello, I'm missing the value "DEVSLP" (device sleep) in Storage -> ATA -> ATA Device Features or SSD Features http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/technical-specifications/serial-ata-ahci-tech-proposal-rev1_3_1.pdf http://www.sata-io.org/documents/SATA-DevSleep-and-RTD3-WP.pdf Should be visible like this (if possible): Device Sleep (DEVSLP) = Supported, Enabled Thanks
  14. Hello Fiery, I see it is really poorly documented by khronus.org But attached is what I found out. I have created an Excel file with hyperlinks to the "khronus registry documentation", but sadly I cannot find all extensions (so not all hyperlinks will work). I'm not 100% sure with all values. It would be good if some peoples could prove this. Hopefully my Excel file will help you. Update: I asked at the khronos forum for help: http://www.khronos.org/message_boards/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5555 OpenGL_ES_Extensions.zip
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