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  1. wow thanks... while everything works fine
  2. I have consumption in TDP (%) in AIDA. It's not very convenient. But I'm using the correction TDP x 1.32 ratio. (Preferences->Correction). And I`ve change the sign % to W for my language. This is the easiest way But I think, this ratio is specific to each graphics card and each user must calculate this value himself. Therefore, my suggestion: dual value of consumption (TDP% and W) like GPU-Z or the possibility of choice something one by user, that better
  3. Of course, I did. I see the item in Sensor Panel settings, but it does not show in SP
  4. Nothing in 5.98.4832 beta , after restart too I don`t see ID in register GPU-Z shows 9% (max), AIDA window shows 1% ... but it`s current when alt-tab from game Asus GTX960, Win 7 BI.zip
  5. Please, add a ID key (checkbox) for GPU Bus Interface Utilization (%) in Preferences -> External Applications
  6. I can't say about fixing the issue or not, because I don't look out the AIDA-window 24/7. I'm just trying to figure out whose issue it is...AIDA or my memory, comp, OS etc. MEM.txt
  7. Win 7-64 Ultimate SP1 info from AIDA: 6.1.7601.18409 (Win7 RTM)
  8. szia, hej Sorry if I don't understand the topic. I had 8gb (2x4gb) memory and pagefile on 8gb, now I added 8gb(now 8+8 (2x4)gb, dual mode) memory and deleted pagefile completely. But what`s this? It appears for 0.3 seconds and disappears again. I can't understand the cause and frequency of occurrence.
  9. also need ID for graphics card Bus Interface Utilization
  10. I'd like to see this 3 keys for External App: Paging File: Current Usage (Mb), Peak Usage (Mb), Utilization (%) If this is possible. Thanx
  11. I have SMART values translation for my language and tried adding lines to the end of my lang_xx file, but it doesn't work How can I do that?
  12. Yes, I`m administrator and UAC switch off. Also, this problem was in previous 3542 isasensordump.txt
  13. OK. I have install KB3033929, reboot, unzip 5.30.3561 into "..\Program Files\AIDA64" (auto-start with system), reboot again 2 times.... no effect, no sensors from MB (Nuvoton NCT6779D/5535D)
  14. 5.30.3561-beta does not show info from sensors of mb ASUS Maximus V Gene. (5.30.3500 working without problem) Win7 64
  15. Yes, I know. GPU Bus Type appears on the OSD with RTSS fine! But I don`t use AIDA64->RTSS->OSD directly, because it has not friendly view during games (no own groups, no own changes labels, etc. -> result: too much place for OSD). So I use AIDA64-> RT graphs ->RTSS->OSD, where can I change values view for OSD as I want ... and saving graphs for far "researches" But in this case, I have NA in OSD
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