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  1. Not really all you have to do is set up some serious copying between two nvme media. In my case between an Optane 900p and a Samsung 970. The copy speed goes to about 1.85GB per second, and Sensor 1 goes to about 40C and Sensor 2 to about 49C. Full NTFS format ( not quick) is even more punishing. If you put the files above into subdirectories and copy and paste them the speed drops to about 1.52GB/sec I guess more checking. The Aida random read test is far far too slow for example, it putters at about 150MB/s and gets the temps to 31C 36C. With harddrives of course you have read after write on your side so the checking somewhat hides; whereas with SSD it is real and drops the speed.
  2. As I understand it the second sensor is real and different. I saw an comment that it is the cache memory temperature. (you will note that Magician does not support Rapid Mode for this SSD, that is, does not reserve a piece of main memory). And though temp 1 does not spike and rarely goes above 60C, the cache temp can spike way high under load some in 90C range. I have not seen more than a passing comment on this, but if this is so, the cache temperature would seem to need to be highlighted.
  3. Found it finally: typing through a number of the support options eventually clears it.
  4. Aida is 5.97.4614 Beta 1. Logitech simple PC info works, is sent to the LG Phone 2. Going to Aida to LCD and selecting Arx results in an additional display page in Logitech Arx on cell with message to set resolution to 424x746 3. In Aida view of LCD items is in a 980x1440 pixels (72% zoom) 4. On the LCD selector where Logitech Arx is chosen results are -0x0 gives:- Error: Incorrect Resolution -any other nxm gives :- Error: LCD init failed 5. Chosen items are on the pixel panel but always stuck at 980x1440 Note: the LG6 screen resolution (from Aida) is 1440x2703 On the surface it seems the issue is on the PC side where coding related to the choice of "Logitech Arx" is in error, transmission back and forth to the cell phone work for other cases, and work for this choice as far as the Aida icon appearing in Logitech application on the Cell. ...John
  5. Thanks I expected it would be something like that. ...John
  6. CPU current in Sensor Panel is fine and stable when machine is under load, like running Prime 95 or some of the Aida64 stress tests. but when near idle it is all over the map. Package Power is not similarly affected nor is VID. Is it that CPU current sensor is only using a few bits so when running say 86 amps there is a good solid reading; but down around 3 amps it is a random number anywhere between 0 and about 16 amps. Or is there actually a bug.
  7. Aida64 does not indicate temperature sensors for that memory but another sensor package does, and identifies the correct slots for the two memory cards so it seems it may be correct.
  8. Fiery, thanks for the response ...John
  9. Seems to be very basic. Just one entry in the "system" as far as I could see.. It would be useful to have a little more on the GPS chip. My Motorola x play (using Handy GPS) usually uses 11 out of 22 detected satellites. It will sync in my kitchen whereas my Camera will not and my old Garmin nuvi is nearly as bad. Presumably syncing on both GPS and GLONASS together. The distinction means a much faster sync under adverse conditions. ...John
  10. With this and other asus p8z77 mobos what all others seem to recognise as NCT6779D is recognised as NCT6779F. Is this a misnomer. NCT6779D is referred to in many places but NCT6779F is mostly related to AIDA. Nuvoton does not recognise it a search. Does this mean it is ASUS customised. It is confusing when dealing with other software suppliers.
  11. In last two weeks there have been updates to Windows 8 including to .net and to Silverlight and other patches. The issue no longer occurs.
  12. Sorry to be late in replying I got sidetracked. The Motherboard is Asus P8Z77 WS with latest BIOS 3505 and the Video is Asus GTX670-DC2, BIOS 80.04.5B.00.09 that is the hybrid EUFI and Legacy bios. John
  13. Further information: The problem appears to be the sensor panel. If the sensor panel is not shut down and the system is put to sleep it will not wake properly. Wheras if the sensor panel is not used one can go though successive sleep/wake cycles correctly.
  14. With Windows 8 in UEFI/Secure_boot and WIndows 8 fast_boot The 3.20.2600 version (at least) is giving a MS_Webcheckmonitor shutdown message if the sensor panel is shown but not if it is hidden.
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