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  1. Great Thx I log using HTML. But I will wait on the stable release, if this is oké for you?
  2. I use frequently the "great" LOGGING feature of Aidi64 Extreme. But what I'm missing is the ability to enable/disable the logging feature much faster via eg the context menu of the Aida Icon in the system tray. Currently it is only possible via preferences\logging, check the check-box and clicking "apply". That's a bit time wasting and it is also not possible to find out via the context menu of the sys tray icon if Logging is either active or not. Of course if logging is not yet enabled the first time in preferences and there is no file location entered, the enable/disable ability in the s
  3. Maybe HD Sentinel can help you? Does also have ability to monitor disk activity, with icons in the systray and more details in Disk Performance tab.
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