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  1. If this can't be implemented, anyone have suggestions for program that lets you do this and display data in real time? I'm using a crappy Yahoo widget that I don't like...
  2. I tested and it is the Short Date Format in Windows that affects how it displays. Unfortunately there are only a few options for that setting and none include anything beyond numbers or month abbreviations. I also second having more control over the date and time! Would love to have "Wed Nov-12-2011" or something with the day of the week. Really we just need the ability to put the format however we want like you can with d's, m's, y's, t's, s's, etc (dd-mmm-yyy, d-m-yy, t:s, etc).
  3. I love AIDA64, esp the Sensor Panel. I use it on a third monitor to watch system activity and info. However, I'm finding I don't have an option to monitor HDD activity. I have several hard drives and currently use a widget to monitor activity on a given drive (KBps read and write, displayed separately). Is there anything in the works for this in the future for AIDA64 and in the Sensor Panel? Really it would be any logical drive activity, so SSD, HDD, USB external drive, etc. Also sorry if this is posted elsewhere, the forum search feature doesn't let one search by "hdd" as it isn't four charac
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