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  1. Oh got it! Yes I see the advantage of that approach, I guess it's better for us as customers a bit more expensive for you as the developer you have to buy new hardware and add it manually. This is the product: https://shop.aquacomputer.de/product_info.php?products_id=3953&language=en Attached you will find my dumps. aquacomputerdump.txt usbdump.txt
  2. Oh sorry I'm not sure I understood you correctly. When you say it will not import data form aquasuite what do you mean? do you mean to say that Aida64 won't ever be able to display info from aquacomputer software/hardware? I'm basically in the same spot as the op. I have a High Flow Next flow meter, I would love to be able to see water temp, water flow and if possible water quality in my Aida64 Sensor panel. All of those values are available form within Aquasuite but can't see them anywhere within Aida64. Motherboard is an Asus Maximus XI Code, I'm not sure it's relevant but just in case Again, thanks for your help!
  3. @fiery do I have to enable any settings in Aida64 or Aquasuite for this to work? Do you need me to send you any info/logs? I would love to get this resolved Thanks!
  4. Hi @Fiery thanks for taking the time to help with this. When I built this system I installed a fresh copy of windows, so only tried one version 6.32.5600 I'm able to see aida64 data in aquasuite but not the other way around
  5. Why is there no Gpu2 used dedicated memory or Gpu2 memory utilization? Is it not possible technically or something wrong with my config? or if neither of those can it be implemented please?
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