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  1. Hi, Considering that AIDA64 is available in multiple languages, it would be nice to enhance this experience even more by providing localized help too. As there is a Language folder for the various UI translation files, there could be another folder named Help containing the CHM ones. To keep localized manuals up to date, you could use the same *** marking used in language files, but inside <! tags before the changed lines; if during development this is not as easy as for language files, translators may use file comparing tools. EULAs in different languages, of course, would include a link to the English version of the agreement, since in case of conflicts between a translated version and the English one this is the controlling document. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, I think AIDA64 should ask if the user wants to save a report when closing it without sending or saving it before. It is not extremely important for reports generated using the Quick Report submenu, but when creating bigger reports, such as one with the Hardware Related Pages, a report may take several minutes and, in slow computers, freece the system for a while. If the user accidentally close the report window when this is done, it would need to wait for its generation again. In this case, it would be nice a confirmation dialog with a message like Do you want to save the report before closing it? with Yes, No and Cancel buttons, similar to various programs asking to save changes. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you for your reply. Thinking on that, it is logic that AV vendors don't want to provide this information, since it could be used by competitors or even by rogue antivirus software. Probably, if AV companies are interested in showing that data, usually could provide this information in a proprietary UI with no APIs for interaction with other programs.
  4. Hi, When I go to the Security\Antivirus page on AIDA64, information of Known Viruses is not returned for Windows Defender on Windows 8.1. I am running another antivirus product and all its information is retrieved, but I would like to see virus database quality of WD on Windows 8.1 (the same as MSE for Vista/7) in comparison. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi! Although I usually only use GoldWave for audio editing, I recently tried its CD Reader feature to rip audio CDs. It offers more control of the process compared to other softwares like Nero Burning ROM's Save Tracks feature, Windows Media Player or Winamp. However, I have a question about the reading options: While most programs allow the user to select the speed measured in X, GoldWave only accepts values in KB/S. When I go to Storage\Optical Drives page in AIDA64, the speeds both for reading and writing are given in X. What calculation should I make to get an aproximate value for the X speed in KB/S? I think there is a rule of three whose unit (such as 1024 for measuring memory) I'm missing. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, There is only one entry for Device Resources, used both on list view for a particular device and for the page Device Resources. While it is right for English, in Spanish is necessary to differentiate with a plural and a singular: for the page name it should be possible have an entry to localize it as Recursos de dispositivos since it refers to multiple devices, and another for the list view when A64 shows resources for a particular device (IRQ, memory etc.) to translate it as Recursos del dispositivo. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dear A64 dev team: On the Motherboard\CPU page, the Engineering Sample field is not localizable using the language module files. As this is not a proprietary technology or trademark name, it should be added together to other fields on this page. Thanks a lot!
  8. Thank you! I have downloaded the last release and therefore the updated language modules to localize these new strings and make minor fixes.
  9. Dear AIDA64 dev team: I saw that component names on the Operating System page are not localized. Although Common Controls is likely to be important only for developers which normally work in English, some components are seen by the user and in some cases with their names translated. For example, the shown name for Windows Media Player in Spanish, despite I think the translation could be better, is Reproductor de Windows Media, and the Novell Client Cliente Novell. As each translation team have different policy depending the language. For this reason, I think you should include the component names into A64 language modules to allow localizers to have names translated where Windows translators in their languages decided to provide translated titles. Thanks a lot!
  10. Dear A64 dev team: When the user opens some pages the first time in the session, especially the one to see temperatures, fan speeds and voltages (Computer\Sensor), there are some fast messages such as "Measuring CPU speed". In this stage, the message "Initializing page" is not available for localization. I'd like you to add this line to the language modules, as some screen readers speak it. Thanks a lot!
  11. Dear AIDA64 dev team: Windows 8 has a new feature called quick start; it consists on saving basic system info in cache to speed up the startup, meaning that when shuting down Windows closes (most of) the programs but the rest remains as if no restart was done. When this is enabled (by default it is turned on), AIDA64 UpTime page will provide wrong information, because it will only be aware of cases where the user chooses the Restart option. It would be nice if you could add a warning to the end on this page, something such as Uptime data in Windows 8 may be inacurate due to a default setting, or just ending in acurate. If a user wants to know why, he/she could see an FAQ entry explaining the cause, like the one about DMI data. Thanks!
  12. Dear AIDA64 developers: I encountered a misstyped architecture name on some help topicks about benchmarking. The error consist on x87 instead x86, perhaps due to using the extended keyboard. Best regards,
  13. Dear AIDA64 developers: As you know, Windows 8 allows to set certain connections as measured, which helps to control network usage preventing things such as automatic device drivers downloading. It would be great if AIDA64 could be configured to disable NetUpdate automatic checking when the user is connected with a connection of that type. Obviously, this option should only be available when running AIDA64 on Windows 8 and perhaps Windows Server 2012. Thanks a lot for this great software!
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