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  1. Possibly a very dumb question. I have a 8700 K (six cores/12 threads). In the sensor panel I am assuming that threads 1 and 2 represent core 1 and so on and so forth. A friend mentioned that he thought that threads 1 and 7 represented core 1.
  2. Latest version of my sensor panel. My system is heavily overclocked 24/7 (stable as a rock) but I still like to keep your eye on its internals. My widescreen allows me free space to view changes as they occur. Fiery Rocks. His program has been critical in evaluating, stress testing and maintaining PCs ever since he left (not to be named software) and started AIDA64 Sensor panel: –
  3. Thank you Fiery.I was running into the same problem when testing my i7 8700K. Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly are the "preprogrammed power limits" that is, can they be changed or are they locked into the CPU or is there a bios adjustmen that can increase their limits?
  4. I have long been a fan of AIDA64 and Fiery's work. I think the program is not fully appreciated for its sophistication and capabilities even though it has a solid fan base. When stress testing my new builds I always use the superb graphics built into the program's stress testing module. I use the stress test, but I also just use the graphics report when I run other stress testing modules like prime95 and LinX. I am attaching a post that is a sample of what I have posted on several different forums to acquaint the more sophisticated PC users with AIDA64's capabilities. There might be a simpler way to get these graphics, but it works for me as is. http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?28139-Which-is-the-correct-CPU-temperature&p=213950#post213950
  5. My latest, ugly but helpful when overclocking. Still undergoing changes. Three views-1)Idling 2)midstream 3)Fullbore
  6. Updated. Any possibility of Histograms ?
  7. 1) I do have administrative privileges. 2) I do have more than one image of my sensor panel (under different names of course) 3) I use Windows 7 SP1 64-bit 4) I update practically instantly, presently running version 2.3 0.1947 Beta Thanks for your usual prompt response.
  8. I am not sure when this started, but when I tried to export/save my sensor panel I get the following error: – I/O error 6 When I repeat the export process it indicates it has already saved the sensor panel. Unfortunately the information it saves does not re-create the panel. I have had to reconstruct my panel a few times because of this. Incidentally the files that are being saved are only 43 kB in size when my sensor panel were approximately 120 kB. Two questions – what files do I have to save within my system to ensure that I can protect my existing panels. What am I doing wrong during the export process? Thank you
  9. The continuous development of this software is easy to take for granted. However I would like to commend Fiery for his extraordinary efforts in keeping AIDA64 so current and cutting-edge. This is not a single other developer that comes close to his level of excellence.
  10. Very elegant layout. Really like your product icons. Is it possible you could attach them for download. Thanks
  11. Except the .ini file, if I want to regain my settings?
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