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  1. Are there any plans for a separate 64bit only version of AIDA64? I could not find such version. I suppose currently it's 32bit mostly for compablity reasons? Also i can not get around the name itself - AIDA64 - it's literally implied in the name that it is a 64bit program.
  2. Since upgrading to 5.50 i noticed that i was missing several readings from the sidebar gadget (specificly GPU VRM, CPU Package, Motherboard temp, GPU usage and GPU VRAM usage). Going into settings i discovered that pretty much the only things that were left were drive, network and memory related readings. No CPU, GPU or voltage/fan readings anymore. I also uninstalled and reinstalled without my INI file but no success. Eventually i downgraded to 5.30 that properly displays all readings. I looked at 5.50 changelog and i did not see any mention of dropping support for P67 chipset. And yes i
  3. Ok i found out what was the problem. On my current install windows task scheduler is acting stragely and when aida64 tried to scan for tasks in Software/Scheduled it crashed. Thus the report generation silently failed (no error message). What i did is i created a .rpf (Report Profile) file manually and excluded scheduled tasks from report. Everything works now both trough UI and commandline. Thank you for the responses and thank you for an awesome program.
  4. Perhaps it is something to do with the fact that im using the portable version? I have to test installer version too and different write locations. I'll let you know what i find out.
  5. This is what im trying to use: aida64 /R C:\Report.html /HTML /SHOWPCANCEL But its not working. I can see the report generation and i can cancel it but the file is never written to specified location. Is my commandline incorrect? Im trying to execute the command via batch file. AIDA64 Business 3.00.2500 Portable Windows 7 x64 SP1 (fully updated + admin rights and command box is run as administrator).
  6. Yeah same here. So far so good with 3.00.2505 BETA.
  7. Hmm i too have crashes with 3.00.2500 Although in my case it crashes without an error message or trace. Just quits and leaves no sign in Event Log. So i took and backed up my main ini file. Then started with a clean one (let AIDA64 generate one). No crashes. Perfectly stable. So i started to enable settings i have one by one in the hope of finding the culprit. Everything was stable until i got to File > Prefereces > External Applications. Namely enabling Shared Memory produces an instant crash (again no error message). Also trying to enable any values to be written to Rivatuner OS
  8. Thanks but i use the Gadget daily so disabling it is not an option. Sorry it took so long to reply. I totally forgot to bookmark this topic.
  9. I found an option to disable the writing of general sensor values to registry but no such option exists for the sidebar gadget. if it's not too much trouble could this be added?
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