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  1. Hey guys, just thought you might like my Star Trek TNG sensor panel. I styled it like the control panels from The Next Generation. It's fully functional. I'm always tweaking though. It's a large size. 1024 x 972. I usually use it with 25% transparency on my 1600 x 900 desktop. I may do another design, just to switch up now and again.
  2. At first I thought that "Show SP" from the tray does not work, then I remembered that my Update Frequency for SP = 60 sec and it appears after 60 sec. This is good for reducing CPU usage, but bad for the show/hide SP. I think you'll have a lot of messages "Why Show SensorPanel does not work?"
  3. Can you see at which point (while loading up) does AIDA64 freeze? Maybe while scanning PCI devices? Or while enumerating RAID devices?
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