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  1. ok thanks, i was afraid that's the case, aka not fixable via software
  2. Hi, v5.50.3600 final i recently upgraded my server with some new hardware. i installed a pwm splitter-cable on my Asus CPU OPT fan sensor and put 2 pwm fans on it, same brand, same type. now on frequent intervals, the readings report 0 RPM which cause my alerts to report that via email. i set that up beforehand when only 1 fan was connected to that port to be reported below 100 rpm. needless to say, when only 1 fan was connected, this issue never occured. i also recognized that sometimes the CPU OPT sensor even disapears from the sensors tab completly for some seconds. can this even be be fixed or is the pwm splitter causing this and i gotta live with it? if more info is needed i can provide. ps. i forgot to mention that in fact the fans never get shut down to 0 rpm or even close to that. they spin all the time with no issues.
  3. i am not sure if this is related but, the version posted on the screenshot here is kinda old: 4.30.2900 could it be that the newest beta 4.50.3029 fixes this?
  4. alright, you may close this thread then :-)
  5. Thanks for the update! It seems that AIDA has a problem determining the status of the firewall. Screenshot: Even though it is activated the status ? is shown. I guess that's not intended...
  6. 1) i understand and it makes sense, the card has 4 outputs as you said. thanks for that 2) I use Panda Cloud Antivirus v3.0.1 Pro I'd like to add that this software also has Anti-Trojan and Anti-Spyware support included. I've seen some popular Antivirus products in the past that were shown in AIDA64 Anti-Virus tab but not shown in the others i mentioned, even though they had support for that aswell.
  7. Hi Fiery, the pictures explain more than words, so here they are... Screen 1/2 Screen 2/2 oh and would it be possible to add http://www.cloudantivirus.com/ support in the security tab(s) in the upcoming version/beta? of course i just have 1 GTX 780 card installed, just to clarify
  8. Hi, Here are the dumps you asked for http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/31324292/file.html thanks
  9. Hi, i have a similar issue like mentioned here http://forums.aida64.com/topic/2348-cooling-fans-disappeared-once-asus-ai-suite-3-was-installed/ but with some differences: 1) i don't have AI-Suite 3 installed and no drivers are left in the system 2) my problem is about internal hdd's/ssd's first some sys info: Windows 8.1 Update 1 x64 Enterprise German 16 GB RAM ASUS H87I PLUS Motherboard (http://www.asus.com/de/Motherboards/H87IPLUS/) Chipset Drivers installed: http://goo.gl/IPWYsS Connected on internal SATA-Ports: 3 Samsung SSD's (1x 840 Pro, 2x 840 EVO) - 2 HDD's (Seagate 4 TB each) - 1 BluRay Drive (ASUS) SATA drivers installed: intel_rst_12.9.0.1001 AIDA: 4.50.3000 final The problem: i am using the sensor panel to monitor several hardware infos, for example the hdd temps. now if i do NOT use any usb drives, all is fine. all temps from my 5 hdd's (internally) as mentioned above are shown. as soon as i connect a usb drive to the pc on any usb port, 1 hdd-temp of the internally connected ones is not shown in the sensor panel anymore. i am using a sharkoon usb 3.0 docking station for this. now, if i am even connecting a 2nd drive via usb, another hdd monitoring of the temps disappears from the sensor panel completly. this time it's an ssd drive. my guess is that if i was to connect even more drives to the other usb ports, for each 1 more there will be a monitoring of the temps from the internally connected drives go missing. unfortunatly i can not test this as i ran out of usb docks and sure, it's speculation, but hey, first 2 generate at least a small pattern if i disconnect the usb drive(s), the readings from the internal hdd's/ssd's appear again and all is fine. what can cause this? i am happy to provide logs and stuff, just tell me what u need Fiery Update: Only happens if i use any USB 3.0 Port WITH an USB 3.0 capable hardware dock! Not occuring with USB 2.0 hardware dock on any USB 3.0 port!
  10. Hello, after reading through all posts i thought i post a suggestion here aswell. Since Windows 8 is on it's way and won't support gadgets anymore, the sensor panel now became my replacement for them. Sadly, i am missing some features i got using gadgets from other developers, which would be awesome to have in AIDA64 sensor panel: 1) Measuring free space of local disks 2) Some sort of weather measuring now screw the weather thingy, i don't give a crap about it and don't think it will ever hit AIDA64 anyway but what about the free space? Since AIDA64 can already measure this, would it be hard to implement?
  11. Hi Fiery, I applied the update, rebooted, everything looks right. Fans show 30% and SCSI-drives are also measured. thanks!
  12. If you had taken some time and looked at my screenshots you would have realized it is checked. Quick replies won't help any1, no offense. Thank you for your response, i think it's a good choice to change the rounding logic that way. Keep up the good work! Regards
  13. Hello, Since upgrading from v2.30.1900 Final to v2.50.2000 Final i came across 2 bugs (so far) in the new stable version of Aida. My system-specs are as follows: - Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1 (+ all updates) German - INTEL Core i7 2600k - 8 GB G-Skill DDR3-1333 Mhz RAM - ASUS P8P67 EVO / Bios: 3207 (http://goo.gl/FT58y) - 2 NVidia GeForce GTX 470 (in SLI-Mode) running with driver 301.42 WHQL - Adaptec SCSI Card 29320LPE PCIe x1 (http://goo.gl/JCHBn) - 3 U320-Drives connected to the Adaptec Controller - 6 SATAII-Drives connected to the onboad SATAII-Controllers ... 1) U320-SCSI drives are not recognized for temperature detection anymore I am using the sidebar gadget to show some hardware-specific data as you can see on the attached screenshots aida230.png or aida250.png. After upgrading to v2.50.2000 the 3 U320-SCSI drives are not recognized anymore. I attached a screenshot named aida230gadget.png to show that they are recognized in v2.30.1900. 2) GPU fan-detection shows wrong values on both fans of the graphics cards I am using EVGA Precision X v3.0.2 to slow down my cooling fans from both graphics cards to 30% (instead of 40% in stock values). The screenshots aida230.png and aida250.png show the difference here aswell. With v2.30.1900 Final the values are correct aka 30% but with v2.50.2000 Final the values are wrong and show 31%. Maybe this is settings related, but how would i know? :-) I attached aida230stability.png for that reason aswell which sows what settings i used on the stability tab in the settings using v2.30.1900. I use the same when using v2.50.2000. Maybe it helps. I finally included RAID dumps and ATA dumps from v2.30.1900 and 2.50.2000 and hope that it'll help. If you need further informations let me know and i'll provide them. Thanks! atadump230.txt atadump250.txt raiddump230.txt raiddump250.txt
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