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  1. That helped, thank you very much. I now have a lot more flow sensors and can read the data from my flow sensor. Its being read in LPH, is it possible to change the unit for the flow rate reading?
  2. I'm not getting the flow rate from my Aquacomputer flow sensor. I have 4 flow sensors listed on the sensor page but all 4 have a 0.00 LPH reading. I'm using the latest beta v4.70.3237. I do have the high flow USB sensor connected to the Aquaero 6 Pro via the aquabus connection. Its displayed in the aquasuite as the third flow sensor and I have a good reading there. Flow 2 is one of the Fan channels and when I enable that I do see that value as Flow 2. Is the MPS high flow USB flow sensor currently not compatible with AIDA64? I've attached my sensor debug in case that helps.
  3. I looked into those before getting the Aquaero and couldn't find them anywhere. I look forward to seeing what you all are able to figure out with the Aquaero. Whenever that may be.
  4. I hope I'm reading this correctly and you all are working to allow AIDA64 to read sensor data from an Aquaero. I have an Aquaero 6 Pro and would like to be able to view all my data on my keyboards LCD screen.
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