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  1. Same project different color 480x800 Fonts Digital-7 Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed 480x800 Digital Yellow.sensorpanel
  2. Thank to cadiremar I rebuilt his beautiful project for my pc 800x480 Fonts: Digital-7 Electrolize Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Dark Brown Panel.sensorpanel
  3. 800x480 Fonts: Digital-7 Digital Olive Green.sensorpanel
  4. 800x480 Tuf Yellow Black.sensorpanel
  5. Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Digital-7 Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  6. Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital-7 Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  7. Final Version Blackout with complete sensors Fonts Digital-7 800x480 800x480 Blackout V2.sensorpanel
  8. Same panel vertical mod 480x800 480x800 Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  9. Digital Blackout 800x480 Fonts Digital-7 Thanks @Tahsin for original project Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  10. Final version for small display 5 inch Bye AMD 5 Hud Graph 800x480.sensorpanel
  11. Yellow with turboboost icon (in my cpu is over 3700mhz) AMD Yellow 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
  12. AMD Metal 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
  13. Same panel 800x480 different color Blue 800x480.sensorpanel
  14. vertical background for small display 480x800
  15. I forgot to delete an image in "manage sensor panel" , you can see two background image (are the same imagine with different format: jpeg and png) . Delete second image or download and import in my previous post sensorpanel that now is updated Bye
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