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  1. 480x800 (only image) Fonts Airborne
  2. 800x480 Fonts: Bahnschrift SemiBold Built using only windows paint, very simple to change color or resize 800x480 No Gauges Blackout.sensorpanel
  3. 800x480 Yellow No Gauges.sensorpanel
  4. Same project different color 480x800 Fonts Digital-7 Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed 480x800 Digital Yellow.sensorpanel
  5. Thank to cadiremar I rebuilt his beautiful project for my pc 800x480 Fonts: Digital-7 Electrolize Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Dark Brown Panel.sensorpanel
  6. 800x480 Fonts: Digital-7 Digital Olive Green.sensorpanel
  7. 800x480 Tuf Yellow Black.sensorpanel
  8. Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Digital-7 Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  9. Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital-7 Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  10. Final Version Blackout with complete sensors Fonts Digital-7 800x480 800x480 Blackout V2.sensorpanel
  11. Same panel vertical mod 480x800 480x800 Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  12. Digital Blackout 800x480 Fonts Digital-7 Thanks @Tahsin for original project Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  13. Final version for small display 5 inch Bye AMD 5 Hud Graph 800x480.sensorpanel
  14. Yellow with turboboost icon (in my cpu is over 3700mhz) AMD Yellow 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
  15. AMD Metal 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
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