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  1. Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Digital-7 Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital 480x800 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  2. Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red Fonts: Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed Digital-7 Digital 800x480 Adrenaline Red.sensorpanel
  3. Final Version Blackout with complete sensors Fonts Digital-7 800x480 800x480 Blackout V2.sensorpanel
  4. Same panel vertical mod 480x800 480x800 Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  5. Digital Blackout 800x480 Fonts Digital-7 Thanks @Tahsin for original project Digital Blackout.sensorpanel
  6. Final version for small display 5 inch Bye AMD 5 Hud Graph 800x480.sensorpanel
  7. Yellow with turboboost icon (in my cpu is over 3700mhz) AMD Yellow 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
  8. AMD Metal 5 set 800x480.sensorpanel
  9. Same panel 800x480 different color Blue 800x480.sensorpanel
  10. vertical background for small display 480x800
  11. I forgot to delete an image in "manage sensor panel" , you can see two background image (are the same imagine with different format: jpeg and png) . Delete second image or download and import in my previous post sensorpanel that now is updated Bye
  12. TUF 1024x600 Fonts: airborne TUF 1024x600.sensorpanel
  13. Same panel different color TUF BP 480x800.sensorpanel TUF BP 800x480.sensorpanel
  14. TUF Dtyle 800x480 for 5 inch lcd Fonts: airborne 2020-10-19.sensorpanel
  15. Tuf style 480x800 2020-10-18.sensorpanel
  16. Rebuilt Novax panel for long distance view Fonts is lightdot 8x8 Big Gauges SPF 800x480.axlcd When cpu go in turbo mode led is on (..Ryzen 2700x has 3700mhz default freq...)
  17. AMD Yellow.zip New design for Matrix Orbital EVE2 43 480x272
  18. Hi, some post above you can find all icons i'm not able for now to use photoshop and I use only windows paint for resize and move icons with paint you can change color in green and black image however I share all my images for 800x480 800x480 SPF 87H.zip Bye
  19. you can simply use paint image is really 800x480 Image 800x480.zip
  20. 20 min to change color in asus TUF style (same panel 800x480) TUF 2020-05-15.splcd.axlcd
  21. batman_forever.zip Fonts Asus Rog Style Icon-image.zip Here Icons and images. You can use simply windows paint to built a black panel like this Simple final built 800x480 (SPF-87H) Special Thanks to Fiery for quick ansewers to support Matrix Orbital and SDC and everyone who shared custom gauges, templates and other in this forum I hope I have been helpful Bye Final Orange Black SPF 800x480.axlcd
  22. External Mounting Kit Mod Matrix Orbital Eve 2 2020-02-23.moevelcd
  23. Portable Rig (abacom 20x4 display) Thanks to Aida64 and Fiery for support 2020-03-09.ablcd
  24. New built with alphacool vertical Ryzen 7 RTX.aclcd
  25. Hi, I have replaced old alphacool lcd display with new matrix orbital eve2 43g (480x272) Connection is usb by spi2usb board I set new display within alphacool frame thaks to aida64 support 2019-10-27.moevelcd
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